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Whether you’re a parent, or an aspiring student yourself, we all should know why education planning is important. An education savings plan will give you greater ownership of your future or the future of a loved one. The money you invest into an education fund will eventually go towards facilitating a future with brighter career prospects and financial stability. If you’re a parent and would like to one day send your little ones into further education, or even private secondary education, it’s important to start thinking about the costs now.

A lot of parents underestimate the savings needed to cover the costs of providing for your children’s future education and to avoid the need to borrow to meet these costs. Starting to save early really helps! The annual student contribution for university, is currently €3,000 (July 2020). This has been steadily increasing over the years. If your child were to go on to do a four-year course at university, you would be expected to hand over €12,000, and that’s excluding accommodation, transport, food and book costs!

Of course, you might want to use the savings to give them a head start with buying their first home, car or helping them set up their own business. By taking the time now to plan for these future expenses, you can become the architect of their future!

Whether you are planning for your new home, a perfect wedding, college fees or simply for peace of mind against unforeseen events, a sensible savings plan can make all the difference. We can help by offering you a wide range of savings solutions whatever your needs may be.

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