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At Murray & Spelman Financial Services, we are committed to providing financial peace of mind by offering jargon-free, unbiased advice of the highest standard, specifically tailored to you and your business.

Our financial planning team offer great advice to businesses as a dedicated financial advisor in Galway and Kildare. We offer help in a range of areas to suit the needs of any company. When you look after your staff and company’s interests, your business will thrive.

What are some of the financial areas that you might need assistance with for your business?

Group Risk and Pension Scheme Benefits

Offering your employees Death in Service, Income protection and Pensions benefits will help retain staff and enhance employee satisfaction.

One of the main challenges for businesses is to attract and retain good staff. Having a comprehensive employee benefit package, such as a pension, death-in-service, and income protection benefits, can really put you ahead of the competition.

Corporate Investment Bonds

We see more companies exploring alternative investment opportunities – in particular investigating how Corporate Investment Bonds and Savings Plans can be a solution. Holding your company’s money in cash or on deposit may make sense for maintaining short-term cash-flow but is this the most appropriate use of the surplus capital?

Over the last number of years holding too much cash has been costly. Investing with a Life Company can be more efficient! Traditionally companies have invested directly in deposit accounts or through direct equity/share purchase, which can bring unwanted tax complications.

Business Protection

A business insures its building, its machinery and stock. But often management and key personnel are the most important and valuable assets!

How would your business survive if:

  • One of your key employees or shareholders became seriously ill or died suddenly?
  • Your business partner died?
  • What would happen to their share of the business?
  • How would you feel about a shareholder’s family joining your business?
  • If you died, what would happen to your share of the business?
  • Are your spouse or children in a position to take your place in the business?
  • How will your family survive financially?

These questions should be a cause for concern for every business.

Murray & Spelman Financial Services can help your business today

We will provide impartial, unbiased financial planning advice for you and your business. Our qualified teams will research and explain the most suitable options available to you in an easy-to-understand manner.


Murray & Spelman (Financial Services) Ltd help you plan for your future, while you live for today!

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