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Saving for retirement and your pension is extremely important. People are living longer and leading more active lives.

As a result, it is more important than ever to think about where your income will come from when you retire.

>What will Murray & Spelman (Financial Services) Ltd do for you?:

We will provide professional and unbiased advice

We will help you to choose where to put a portion of your income, whilst you are still working, so that you will have a decent standard of living when you wish to stop working in later life.

We will show you the level of scope you have to extract wealth from your company and to transfer this into your personal name in a very tax efficient manner.

On leaving employment: we will assist you in placing your existing pension fund under your personal control.

We will source and provide a diversified range of investment options among several leading institutions in Ireland.

In retirement: we will outline all relevant tax structures; investment types and best structures applicable to meet your objectives.

We will offer you the opportunity of completing regular reviews of your pension savings and other needs.


>Let Murray & Spelman (Financial Services) Ltd help you by allowing us to:

 Get to know you & your financial needs.

Understand your attitude, risk capacity & ultimate goals.

Guide you through the retirement process & ensure you understand what’s at stake.

>The specific areas of Retirement Advice we provide include:

Personal Pensions & PRSAs:

Directors & Executive Pensions

Retirement Buy Out Bonds

Group Pensions

Approved Retirement Funds

Annuity (Retirement Income for Life)  

To discuss your retirement needs, please contact any member of our retirement planning specialist team

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